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Hi, I’m Leigh. I’m a designer who loves stories. I hold a master’s degree in book publishing from Portland State University, where I got to learn, work, and play as design manager for its affiliated Ooligan Press. My work is often inspired by thinking thematically, where a unifying style—(say, a subtle nod to the Pacific Northwest, retro typography, or an indie film)—becomes the umbrella of design direction. I'm drawn to projects where words and pictures meet, and consider both the big idea and smaller details to help make the design dream a reality. I received my BA in English with minors in graphic design and creative writing, and spent a handful of years working in libraries before pursuing graduate studies.

My Midwestern roots have happily taken to the unique, coffee-fueled, lightly-drenched Portland, Oregon, where I live with my ginger husband, Joel, and our bear-cub pup, Margot. I love to keep myself involved in creative projects, from crafternoons and sketching to coming up with bad puns and inventing new names for colors (purple + gray = space grape!). I’m currently a graphic designer for Oregon Children's Theatre and a freelance designer for a variety of folks (take a peek at some of my recent work via instagram). You may also find me hiking, brunching, or reading a weird/lovely/magical book from my rainbow bookshelves.